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Our math courses start with an assessment and a review of eighth grade math as necessary, covering topics such as linear equations, linear relationships, functions, number systems, integer exponents, radicals and roots, Pythagorean theorem, transformations, angle relationships, three-dimensional figures data analysis statistics and probability etc.

This helps the tutor to understand each student’s level of understanding of the subject and subsequently uses this as a baseline from which to build on their current knowledge. Recognizing that students may be at different levels, our curriculum is not grade specific, but rather organized broadly to suit competence at all levels.

    Algebra 1

    writing, solving and graphing linear and nonlinear equations and inequalities, slope, quadratic equations, exponents and radicals, factoring, etc. At the end of the course, students will be competent to apply principles in combination to solve problems.

    Algebra 2

    Solving equations and inequalities, factorization, analytic geometry, solving and graphing higher order equations, log and exponential functions, sequences and series, relations and functions, circular functions, trigonometry, introduction to limits, vectors and matrices.