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Our Math, Chemistry, Biology and Physics tutoring programs bring students from introductory (high school) to College level, guided by instructors who attended top Universities and have decades of experiences in teaching and tutoring. ELY tutors are professionals in fields where they constantly use practical knowledge from subjects that they tutor and teach.




We at ELY tutors recognize that everybody is different and all students are individuals. Therefore, ELY teaching and tutoring are tailored to individuals.

ELY teaching and tutoring are tailored to students’ learning styles.We use many different approaches and techniques to solve  same problems and bring teaching and tutoring to the hearts and minds of students. We stand out because we provide innovative and individualized learning; providing innovative and individualized learning for all. ELY believes that the first principle of conveying knowledge teaching to another person is to show that you care. This simple, yet powerful teacher-student relationship rule is why ELY tutors connect well with their students.




ELY teaching and tutoring group offers private online Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics private lessons to students from 9th grade to college. Instructions are structured, and are planned according to students needs.

ELY Tutors’ curriculum is developed by instructors with over 20 years of teaching and tutoring experience and tailored to individual needs. These instructors bring practical knowledge that further nurtures interest and passion in professions of interest. The frequency of coaching and tutoring depends on the needs of the students and vary from once a week to as many as 3 times a week. Instructions are either private or in small groups of (not more than 5 students in a group).


Our math courses start with an assessment and a review of eighth grade math as necessary, covering topics such as linear equations,


Just like all ELY courses, this course starts with an assessment and review of the basic concepts in chemistry:


Our curriculum is structured to provide students with holistic understanding of the subject matter laying emphasis on learning concepts


This curriculum will cover measurements, Kinematics-displacement, time, speed, velocity and acceleration, projectile motion


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    Students say

    There was a point in school when math was difficult and stressful. My grades in the subject became extremely low and hard to maintain. I dreaded going to math class until I discovered Ely tutors. They gave me the tools I needed to become better at math and a overall great student. They gave me strategies and explanations that allowed me to exceed in and enjoy my math class. Math went from my worst class of the day to my favorite. I began to raise my hand to answer questions and fewer times to ask the teacher questions. I am now one of the top students in my class thanks to Ely tutors.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending ELY tutors as an online tutor. I started having online sessions with Mr. Earnest after my midterm results, where I achieved a C in chemistry. Mr. Earnest quickly identified the areas of improvement and was very positive with his approach in helping me gain the confidence and knowledge of the subject. I was initially skeptical about online tutoring, however I got used to our weekly sessions which had the advantage of not having to attend in person as you can skype literally from anywhere in the world. Thanks to ELY tutors I achieved an A in my chemistry class.
    Joseph M
    Ely tutors are amazing! I’ve always had trouble following what was going on in my classes and would often feel unmotivated to do the work because I just didn’t understand. Ely tutors had helped me feel smart for once in my life. Mr. Earnest was very thorough with the material and made sure I understood the topic. After a couple of sessions, I was finally able to understand what was going on in my classes and actually do my work. Thank you Ely tutors and especially Mr. Earnest for being so patient and understanding!!!

    Julady Z.
    I would recommend Mr. Earnest and ELY tutors. He tutors me in Math and Chemistry, and I excel in these courses because of his help. I got the best scores out of all my exams in these courses. ELY tutors have a passion for teaching they are friendly. Mr. Earnest always takes his time with me and makes studying fun. I learn a lot from ELY tutors. I have also had overnight exams/test preps with ELY tutors and the sessions are always very helpful and prepare me well for the exams.
    Louisa M
    I have been struggling with my Algebra II last year and Ely tutoring helped me bring up my grades and gain motivation again. The tutor was very patient and knowledgeable on the subject. He walked me through the material until I understood it. Just over course of 2 weeks I was back on track and was able to keep up with my peers! Thank you Ely tutoring for helping me excel in my class!
    Stiven L.